The Wedding Party. Meet the bride, groom, and the bridal party.

The Bride & Groom – Amanda Leigh & Tom Nowaczynski

Amanda and Tom met through a mutual friend (thanks Natasa!) when Amanda moved to Calgary in 2009.  Amanda and Tom became friends and started dating after Amanda broke her ankle at Lake Louise.  Tom stuck around for the airlift, surgery, and following months of driving to doctors appointments, grocery shopping and even flying to Vancouver to push Amanda in her wheelchair for the 10km Sun Run!  Since then they’ve been together through backpacking in South America, the experience of building a house, and adopting a loveable dog!  They can’t wait for their next step on May 18th and look forward to celebrating with you then!



Maid of Honour:
Jennifer Leigh

Jennifer is Amanda’s one and only little sister.  Amanda wasn’t too sure about Jen when she came home from the hospital, but having a little sister grew on her.  As Jen grew, they became both partners in crime and friends.  Jen can always be counted on for an honest opinion and great cupcakes!

Best Man:
Craig McKeown

Craig and Tom knew each other through too many friends and common interests to count, but only became really good friends after high school. That friendship has continued to strengthen through many years of video game LANs, board games, and Dungeons & Dragons sessions. Craig is one of the most dependable, selfless, and all around good people Tom has had the pleasure of knowing.


Courtney Choutka

When Amanda moved back to Coquitlam in high school, she met Court in the infamous “Gifted” class.  Since then they’ve enjoyed nights of Ultimate Tennis, sharing the drums on Rockband and beating all competition at Taboo on board game nights!  Whenever Amanda is back in Vancouver Court takes time off saving the world with medical research to walk the seawall and then organize a great games night!


Brandur Leach

Brandur and Tom have been friends since years back in High School, when TV shows were truly at their best, and many a lunch was spent at The Wedge. From mid-night tennis matches to all night Risk games, the competition was fierce. Brandur now spends his days in San Francisco, hacking the gibson, longboarding, and commenting on how weird The US can be.



Gillian Poirier

Gill and Amanda met in high school through common friends, but it was the  common 10:00 lunch block spent at IHOP that really cemented the friendship!   Gill is the best organizer and scheduler – she makes sure never to miss a chance to get the old group together or revisit the Rocky Points swing sets on late summer nights.  Now as a beautiful bride herself last summer, the scheduling revolves around double dates!


Herman Wu

Herman and Tom have been friends for a decade, room-mates for half that time, and co-workers for half that time again. Herman is a consummate professional in everything from work to gaming, and even introduced Tom to Natasa (and Amanda!). When they’re not working, Tom and Herman share an interest in technology, great boardgames, and trading notes on the latest video games.